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Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering | Resources for Online Students

CodeDevils, ASU’s fully online student organization, has been busy this semester!

Our members just got back from participating in the annual Sunhacks hackathon where they worked on an Alexa skill that helped determine what items to recycle!

If you would like the opportunity to work on nerdy projects like this and represent CodeDevils at future hackathons (with some travel expenses covered!), come join us on Slack and let’s get to know you! We also hold weekly virtual meetings with topics ranging from “why Java is not a real programming language” to machine learning and the future of software engineering.

We also get exclusive guest speakers from big-name companies who discuss their experiences and give some insider tips on preparing for technical interviews.

Our friendly/laid back Slack channels will keep you updated on everything tech related with plenty of geeky banter to fill up your study breaks.

Still not convinced? We have a meme channel. CDout <<

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