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Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering | Resources for Online Students

Seven students were selected for the first Undergraduate Student Online Advisory Board, a group that will provide ongoing support to undergraduate online students for both long- and short-term issues and/or programs.

As they set out to establish a mission, goals and length of service, the board members wish to introduce themselves to you.

Adam Alkaddumi, Software Engineering

Photo of Adam Alkaddumi

Adam Alkaddumi

Greetings fellow Sun Devils! My name is Adam Alkaddumi (al-cuh-do-me). I am 23 years old and I was born and raised in Southern California where I still remain. I am the youngest of three siblings.

I have worked as a paramedic for almost two years and have been in Emergency Medical Services for a total of four years. I work 72 hours every week and it makes it hard for me to attend a university in person. Arizona State University has offered me a platform where I can get my degree online and maintain optimal working hours.

I have decided to make quite the career change from medicine to software engineering. Software has been an interest of mine that I never took action on until now.

Apart from work and school I enjoy picking up the guitar, working out, playing sports and playing video games. I also volunteer to teach high school students about Emergency Medical Services for those interested in a career in the medical field. I am quite the nerd and enjoy studying and often self-teach myself subjects.

I look forward to serving you on the inaugural Undergraduate Student Online Advisory Board.


Jeremiah Celis, Engineering Management

Photo of Jeremiah Celis

Jeremiah Celis

I am active duty military and quickly approaching my 15 years of service mark.

My whole career I have been in the civil engineering career field working many broad aspects. I am currently the Superintendent of the Engineering Flight handling all personnel matters and overseeing multiple multi-million dollar construction projects. I’m also the current Membership committee chair for the Society of American Military Engineers (SAME) Southern Arizona Post, I sat as a Volunteer committee co-chair at the Habitat for Humanity organization in Tucson for a year prior to my most recent deployment, and I was elected to serve as the Vice President of my squadron’s Senior Enlisted Professional Organization for a year and have had the pleasure of serving on several other committees in the past.

I believe that vision, humility, self-awareness, integrity, commitment and helping others are qualities good leaders possess. My vision is to strive to encourage positive change both in myself and everyone I come in contact with. I am committed to learning to embrace the trials and tribulations of my journey and use them to succeed and help others succeed. As a part of my experiences in life and in the military, humility is something that I learned quickly. Receiving regular feedback from my family and peers helps me keep my humility levels up, is something that has helped me grow in my own personal journey and is something that I look forward to sharing with the student body. Through self-awareness and emotional intelligence I am better able to understand and manage my emotions, behaviors, reactions to stress and frustrating or overwhelming situations. Integrity is defined as the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles. I use integrity to steady my course, helping ensure that I’m saying the right things, making the right decisions and giving people my best regardless.

I am married to the most amazing woman I have ever known and we have been blessed with two awesome children, one girl and one boy. I’ve been married for a little over 6 years now and our children are three years old and five months old respectively.

My leadership experience and desire to help others give me the tools to enable students in a unique way on their journeys of discovery and pursuit of their career paths through college together as students at ASU. I really appreciate the opportunity to serve the student body and look forward to doing so.


Kristen Dussault, Software Engineering

Photo of Kristen Dussault

Kristen Dussault

My name is Kristen Dussault and I’m a software engineering major currently studying online in Germany. I’m a military spouse and I’ve taken courses both in the traditional class environment and online.

Once my degree is completed, I am debating between attending school to get a master’s in Library Science or go to work designing websites or a job implementing artificial intelligence. I want to work with teenagers and encourage their love for computer programming starting in schools.

Currently I work part-time as a substitute teacher at a local school.

When I’m not studying, I loves spending time with my black cat, Ebony, and my husband, Shane. I also spend time traveling, cooking, camping, knitting, reading (there is a lot of reading) and taking photographs.


Maxwell Heller, Software Engineering

Photo of Maxwell Heller

Maxwell Heller

My name is Maxwell Heller and I’m a software engineering student here at ASU.

After attending two years of college in person I ran out of money for school. In order to save back up I started working for Starbucks, which changed my life. Through Starbuck’s College Achievement Program I was able to return to my studies without the financial burden I had suffered before.

Since then I have been able to leverage my experience at Starbucks and my education at ASU to open countless doors: attending conferences and summits, even becoming the only out-of-state intern for Starbucks Retail Technology in that summer.

Using the skills I’ve developed as an online student I was able to network and make a permanent move to Seattle, and I now work at the Starbucks Reserve Roastery as a Coffee Master/Barista.

The flexibility and unique challenges of being an online student allowed me to have these experiences and I want to champion the strengths of this type of education. As part of the Advisory Board, my goal is to help solidify a path from online education to real world professional opportunities. I’m excited to work for you, ASU!


Krystal Konzer, Software Engineering

Photo of Krystal Konzer

Krystal Konzer

Hello online students! My name is Krystal and I have been an online software engineering student for around two years. I chose to pursue an online degree after my health hit a low point, but I was determined to finish my schooling.

I hope to use my degree to make video games, however I hope to also make video games for those with disabilities who might not be able to enjoy them otherwise.

In the two years I’ve been in this program it has already changed so much for the better and I hope to help push it to even greater heights.


Aaron Musengo, Software Engineering

Photo of Aaron Musengo

Aaron Musengo

I am a 3.5-year Starbucks Partner attending ASU through the College Achievement Plan.

Last summer I interned at the Starbucks Support Center (Global HQ) in Seattle on the Retail Payment Technologies team.

I am currently interning at the Starbucks Technology Center at Skysong in Scottsdale, Arizona, where I work on the Global Digital Products team.

I am a senior in the Software Engineering program and will graduate in May 2018.


Andrew Pearce, Technological Entrepreneurship and Management

Photo of Andrew Pearce

Andrew Pearce

I am a six-year Starbucks Partner and a junior at ASU. My experience includes serving two consecutive terms as the Student Body President at Skagit Valley College where I led an international team of students, managed budgets, and oversaw college wide initiatives. During this time, I served as an advising member for Phi Theta Kappa. At the Washington State Community and Technical College Student Association, I also served as a Regional Representative of Area II where I successfully caucused and led a student success initiative to approve new legislation to mandate protected budgets for higher education.

Recently I interned as a Market Research intern for Memorang, a test preparation platform.

In 2017 I attended the Deshpande Symposium on Innovation and Entrepreneurship as a panelist for ASU and Starbucks where I advocated the virtues of online learning. I’m passionate for student success.


Questions about the Undergraduate Student Online Advisory Board? Contact Margaret Acosta at