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Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering | Resources for Online Students

Select first-year online students were chosen to be part of a new Peer Mentor program this semester, where they were partnered with an upper-division online Fulton Schools student, with at least one year of online experience at ASU.

The program is designed to support first-year online students get connected to the ASU and Fulton community while having someone they could speak to with questions. The Peer Mentors are available to offer advice, be a resource, share their experiences, and serve as a sounding board. The Peer Mentors also develop virtual programs for online students to attend to meet the Peer Mentors and other students. These events are fun and information programs and can include, informal meetings with professionals and faculty, how to prepare for internships, viewing parties and online gaming.

Learn more about the Professional Engineering Q&A program by contacting Peer Mentor Omar at, or for more information on the IT Internship Q&A contact Peer Mentor Joshua at

If you have not heard from a Peer Mentor and would like to be enrolled in the program, please contact Christina Hernandez at