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Heidi Reeder, ASU alumna and director of the College of Innovation and Design at Boise State University, knows strategies that make teams work. She recently came to campus to talk with student innovators, and we recorded the seminar to share with you. Watch Reeder’s Startup Team Dynamics Seminar.

“In the realm of entrepreneurship and innovation, the five most important factors related to startup success have been said to be ‘team, team, team, idea and market.’” Brent Sebold, director of the Fulton Schools Startup Center, said. “Given that team dynamics play such a large role in the success of any new venture, we were thrilled to have Dr. Reeder share her startup team ‘commit to win’ framework with our ASU student innovators. She provided a variety of fascinating psychological tips and tricks that founding team members can employ immediately to increase their chances of success.” Sebold added.

Dr. Heidi Reeder and Sparky

Heidi Reeder and Sparky

Like all elite athletes, startup co-founders need to commit themselves to doing the hard work necessary to achieve excellence and create value within their chosen fields, so it was fitting that Sparky attended the workshop to cheer on our startup athletes too.” Sebold mused.

Reeder’s visit was hosted by the he Fulton Schools Startup Center, with the goal to empower all Fulton Schools undergraduate and graduate students to advance their entrepreneurial ideas for the benefit of our economy and society.