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Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering | Resources for Online Students

Are you interested in becoming a leader among your fellow online students?  Become an Undergraduate Teaching Assistant (UGTA) or Off-Campus Peer Mentor!

Undergraduate Teaching Assistants (UGTAs)

The UGTA program selects successful undergraduate students to serve as teaching assistants in engineering classes. As a UGTA, you assist faculty members by leading, engaging, and mentoring students in exploratory and collaborative learning activities. UGTAs act as a cultural bridge to the university environment, help students navigate the institution, promote self-confidence and self-reliance, and act as role models who demonstrate personal and academic success.  Online UGTAs may hold office hours and review sessions, prepare online tutorials, or help monitor discussion forums and answer student questions.

This role helps to reinforce your knowledge of the class content and offers teaching experience for students interested in graduate school. You’ll develop a working relationship with a faculty member who can later write a letter of recommendation, serve as a job reference or provide a recommendation for a research experience. At the end of each semester, UGTAs receive a $500 stipend and are recognized at an appreciation dinner with the Schools’ leadership.

Who can apply: sophomores, juniors, seniors, transfer students
When to apply: in April for the following fall semester (or email to inquire about summer opportunities)
Where to apply:

Off-Campus Peer Mentors

Off-campus peer mentors help commuter and online freshmen be part of the ASU and Fulton Engineering community by connecting them to engineering resources, hosting social gatherings and organizing study groups.

Off-campus peer mentors gain valuable experience leading a diverse group of individuals, motivating other students and building community amongst students. Off-campus peer mentors are compensated with a $500 stipend.

Who can apply: sophomores, juniors, seniors, transfer students
When to apply: applications are available in April for fall semester
Where to apply: watch Inner Circle for application details