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News for Online Students

LinkedIn profile 101 — Betty’s Career Tip

Social media has become an almost universally adopted hiring tool and 87 percent of recruiters surveyed are using LinkedIn as part of their process. Before you begin using this professional networking tool you need to complete your profile, which describes your...

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Electrical engineering advising updates

Happy Fall 2020, electrical engineering students! Our awesome advising team has created content for easily accessing resources and other guidance at under "students." You can find content specific to prospective, current and newly admitted...

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Maintain school-life balance — Betty’s Career Tip

As we are about to begin a new school year, it’s especially important to maintain school-life balance. Whether you go to school full-time and have a part-time job or vice-versa, you already know the challenges of trying to keep up with your school assignments and your...

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Fulton Schools Tutoring Centers open August 24

Starting Monday, August 24, 2020, you can look to the Fulton Schools Tutoring Center for course support online from wherever you are studying! Meet with current ASU students who have excelled in the same classes you are taking. You can view tutor schedules and learn...

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Keep up the great work! Fall session A ends October 9

There are only a few weeks left in Fall 2020 session A, and session B is just around the corner. Make sure these important dates are marked on your calendar: Fall 2020 session A (Thursday, August 20, 2020–Friday, October 9, 2020): Classes begin: Thursday, August 20,...

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Get advice from a technical manager on demand

This summer, the Fulton Schools Career Center has been hosting the "Advice from a Technical Manager" event series. Each week, a different manager provided advice on getting hired for the job you want and answering student questions on this topic. If you missed any of...

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