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Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering | Resources for Online Students

Electrical Engineering

From nanoscale electronic devices to the U.S. electric power grid, the electrical engineering degree program at ASU prepares students for careers in areas including energy production and distribution, information processing and management, healthcare technology and delivery, global sustainable development, economic growth and security, and communications and data networking.

The program’s award-winning faculty will guide students through fundamental engineering courses along with specialty courses in analog and digital circuits, electromagnetic fields, microprocessors, communications networks, solid-state electronics and electric power and energy systems. Our program integrates the fundamentals with practical real-world experience in an online environment. Labs incorporate a combination of practical hardware along with industry-standard design and simulation tools to provide students with the applied skills needed in today’s global engineering environment.

Course Availability
ASU began offering the online electrical engineering bachelor’s degree in 2013.  Courses will be launched into the online environment through a gradual rollout to ensure that online students receive the same high-quality class experience from award-winning faculty that our in-person students receive.  The timeline below offers a general schedule of when electrical engineering courses will begin to become available.  Please note that not every class will be offered every semester or session, but this guideline references when classes at each level will begin to be offered.

Fall 2013-Summer 2014: 100-level (freshman) EEE courses
Fall 2014-Summer 2015: 200-level (sophomore) EEE courses
Fall 2015-Summer 2016: 300/400-level (junior and senior) EEE courses