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As the year quickly comes to a close, this is when I take the time to reflect on what I have accomplished and summarize it in an annual holiday newsletter to friends and family.

If you haven’t spent time reflecting on the past year, you may want to incorporate it as an annual ritual for yourself. This will give you an opportunity to recognize your accomplishments, acknowledge what you did well, reflect on the lessons you’ve learned as well as the knowledge and skills you acquired. In addition, this is an opportunity to admit your mistakes so you can use them as a self-improvement tool and how you could do better moving forward.

Of course, the first area of your reflection should be your educational accomplishments. If you are graduating, congratulations! If not, great work completing your classes.

Additional topics for reflection:

  • Personal relationships
  • Health/fitness accomplishment
  • Career achievement
  • Skills acquired
  • Mistakes made and lessons learned
  • Obstacle/challenge overcome
  • Positive habit developed
  • Negative habit dropped
  • Emotional development
  • Spiritual growth
  • Something learned about other people
  • Nicest thing you did for someone else
  • Contribution made to the community
  • Three words that sum up the year
  • Goals for 2018

Happy Holidays from all of us at the Fulton Schools Career Center!

Betty Boza is a Career Development Specialist for the Fulton Schools Career Center. Her primary responsibility is assisting online, graduate and doctoral students with all aspects of career development including resume preparation, professional network expansion, effective job search strategies and mock interviews.