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Welcome back to classes and best wishes for a successful semester!

In a few weeks, employers will be kicking off the spring recruiting season. Whether you are looking for an internship or your first full-time professional position, it’s time to start getting ready.

There is no doubt that technical skills are important; and, the ability to describe your technical expertise is critical to obtaining a job or an internship. Employers are also looking for another skill set known as “soft skills” or “interpersonal skills” which are also evaluated throughout the hiring process.

Mike Steinerd, (Enterprise Sales Manager for Recruitics and former Sales Recruiting Director for has compiled a list of the Top 7 Soft Skills:
1. Acting as a team player
2. Flexibility
3. Effective communication
4. Problem-solving and resourcefulness
5. Accepting feedback
6. Confidence
7. Creative thinking

Working on class projects and being involved in one or several extra-curricular activities will provide a multitude of opportunities for you to develop and hone these skills. However, there is another challenge. You must be able to demonstrate these competencies through your résumé and in interviews.

When writing your résumé, be sure to use the list of action verbs to start powerful bullets that show how you use each skill, the challenges you’ve faced and your accomplishments. When preparing for interviews, have a STAR story ready for each of these seven skills.

Before the semester gets too busy, take time to schedule a phone appointment to meet with a peer career coach by calling 480-965-2966 and be sure to note what time zone you are in! Take advantage of the upcoming webinars that are currently being scheduled – and will be announced soon. You can watch archived webinars at your leisure. Remember, successful performance is the result of 90% practice and 10% flawless execution!

Joyce Donahue is a Career Counselor in the Fulton Schools Career Center. She is a nationally certified career counselor and holds “Master Career Counselor” membership status in the National Career Development Association.