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The spring 2016 semester kicked off the WomYn EmPOWERment Series in the Fulton Schools of Engineering.  The purpose of the series is to promote opportunities for Fulton Schools students to feel empowered, gain a better sense of self efficacy and to learn how to support women on campus and in the workplace.  The series was a part of the Fulton Schools of Engineering’s celebration for Women Herstory month which is held each March.

Did you miss out on the live broadcasts of these events?  Be sure to check them out here!

Candace Mitchell
Entrepreneur, philanthropist and motivational speaker

Entrepreneur, philanthropist and motivational speaker Candace Mitchell spoke to students about becoming a trailblazer and innovator. By sharing her personal journey of leaving the corporate world to become the co-founder and CEO of Techturized Inc, a high tech hair company based in Atlanta, Georgia, Candace Mitchell encouraged and motivated ASU entrepreneurs and innovators to bring their dreams to life.

Jessica Egoyibo Mong
Software Engineer, SurveyMonkey

“De-coding the Technical World” spoke about her journey through the technical world and how she has been able to find success along the way.  Jessica gave advice on how to stay motivated and to thrive in a competitive industry.

“Acing Technical Interviews” was a workshop hosted by Jessica that helps to prepare students for success in preparing for a technical interview.  Getting to the interview is only the beginning of a long process.  Be prepared and nail your technical interview with these pieces of advice!

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