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Were you not able to get the internship you really wanted for this summer? Are you still looking for that “real job” you thought you’d have after graduation? Did something happen last semester that caused your graduation to be delayed? Did your GPA end up being lower than what you expected?

How often have your heard the saying about making lemonade when life hands you lemons? Before you start to role your eyes and ignore me, please read on. is a resource I use and I “like” them on Facebook too. A few days ago, I read an article by Michele Hoos, “3 Steps to Turn any Setback into a Success”,

The first step is having a growth mindset. This means being able to find value in learning from any endeavor — no matter what the outcome.

The second step is to imagine a different future. Victor Frankl was able to survive torture during the holocaust by imagining his life after the concentration camp. From that vantage point, he looked back to his present and determined what he would do to get where he wanted to be.

The third step is redefining success. It is so easy to get caught up in tasks and details. Unfortunately, when we do this, we lose sight of what is really important. Take 16+ minutes to watch Brad Meltzer’s TED talk: “How to Write Your Own Obituary”.   You will be reminded of what really matters.

Personally, I like these suggested methods for viewing disappointments; and, I hope that you do too.


Joyce Donahue is a Career Coach in the Fulton Career Center. She is a nationally certified career counselor and holds Master Career Counselor membership status in the National Career Development Association.