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An exchange program is an agreement between two universities, where ASU students study at the host university and students from the partner university study at ASU. Depending on the program, students take courses with host country students or only with other American or international students.  Proficiency in the host language may be required, though there are many exchange programs around the world that teach classes in English. Major, elective, service-learning, internship and individualized instruction credit may be earned through participation in an exchange program. An exchange program is a cost-effective way to study abroad, as students pay ASU tuition and fees during the exchange.

Partnership programs allow students to take classes with local, international, and/or American students. The partner organization has on-site staff available to assist students. Classes are often taught in English. The partnership program fee usually covers tuition, housing, some excursions, and on site staff.

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Below are Fulton Engineering Exchange Programs:

  • Summer Engineering Research Internship for U.S. Students (SERIUS) at National University of Singapore | Singapore | Electrical Engineering
  • University of New South Wales | Sydney, Australia | Undergraduate and graduate Electrical Engineering

*Note: The application deadline for Spring 2017 study abroad programs is September 25, 2016.

Please click here to access the full list of study abroad programs offered, including detailed information about each program.