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Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering | Resources for Online Students

We know that online students often have work and family commitments, in addition to their online classes.  Here are a few helpful tips for juggling all of your obligations as an online student!

  1. Make a plan. Online students need structure, and keeping a calendar and creating a master schedule is a great way to create that structure.
    • Check your syllabi at the beginning of the term and mark assignment deadlines and test dates on your calendar. We recommend using the Google calendar available through your ASU Gmail access in My ASU. Look ahead at your calendar to identify those days when your daughter’s dance recital falls on the same day of your calculus exam.  This will help you keep on-track and avoid procrastinating.
    • Create a master schedule of your week that includes all of your work and family obligations.  Then schedule specific study times for each class, and stick to it.  Treat that time just like you would if you were in an actual classroom.
  2. Adapt your daily schedule. Make your classes a daily activity to avoid becoming overwhelmed and to establish a rhythm—just like your exercise routine.  Use your lunch break to study or to seek academic support that’s only available during business hours.  If you have a smartphone, use it to stay organized and connected: set reminders on your calendar app for due dates, check your email for communication from the professor, and peruse the discussion boards to stay current. 
  3. Ask for help.  If you fall behind or need extra assistance with the course material, ask for help.  Contact your instructors, classmates, tutors, academic advisors, or retention coach.  We all want you to succeed, and that comes in many forms: an instructor may extend a deadline for you, your classmate may offer a different way of approaching your assignment, a tutor may explain a concept differently than your professor, or your academic advisor may discuss your options for withdrawing from the course rather than failing.

We wish you the best of luck in maximizing your time during the summer session!