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Portraits of Alisha Menon and Annabel White.

Alisha Menon and Annabel White.

Two new graduates share how their connections with the faculty and programs in the School of Electrical, Computer and Energy Engineering have shaped their futures.

Alisha Menon earned her electrical engineering degree online and is graduating at age 19.

“When I joined ASU at 16, I had the opportunity to join an incredible program with amazing faculty that also provided the flexibility to pursue research opportunities and internships while completing my electrical engineering degree,” Menon says. “I am looking forward to using those experience as I begin my PhD at UC Berkeley in the fall.”

Annabel White also earned her electrical engineering degree online.

“My love of science stemmed from an awe of the world around me and how people could not only study and understand it but use it to improve the lives of others,” White says. “My goal is to do something so that I can leave this world just a little better off than it was before I got here.”